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Sperm cell and embryo toxicity tests using the Mediterranean sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus Lmk were performed to assess the toxicity of As3+, Cd2+, Cr3+, Ni2+, Pb2+, Cu2+, Zn2+, and Hg2+. The aim(More)
Bioassays are routinely employed for sediment quality assessment. In order to be able to effectively use Bioassays responses in regulatory and management frameworks, toxicity scores, which rank(More)
Marine and coastal quality assessment, based on test batteries involving a wide array of endpoints, organisms and test matrices, needs for setting up toxicity indices that integrate multiple(More)
A reliable sperm cell toxicity test procedure has been developed for the Mediterranean sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus. The sensitivity and discriminatory ability of the test were investigated with(More)
Methodological research was carried out to evaluate the discriminatory capability of three toxicity bioassays toward different elutriation ratios (1:4, 1:20, 1:50, and 1:200 sediment:water ratios).(More)
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