Alessandra Ardizzone

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On the basis of literature data relative to the alteration of beta-endorphin tone in obese subjects, we conducted a clinical trial employing Naltrexone (a receptorial antagonist of endogen opioids) in order to evaluate its efficacy in increasing the compliance of these subjects on dietary treatment. The drug dosage was 50 mg/daily (100 mg/die). The clinical(More)
Type 2 diabetes is one of the most frequent chronic degenerative diseases in the world (5.4% in Italy); it has many chronic consequences with a significant impact either on expectation or quality of life. About 80-90% of type 2 diabetes patients is either overweight or obese, condition that can cause many more negative consequences than in individuals in(More)
The paper stresses the importance of the dexamethasone suppression test in the diagnosis of severe depression (major psychiatric disorders). For some decades researchers have been aware of the importance of the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal gland axis in the physiological response to stress, and likewise the importance of possible correlations between(More)
Chronic pain in patients suffering from advanced cancer as well as unbearable chronic pain states depending on non-malignant pathology have always represented a test bench to verify results of advanced therapeutical programs as to more traditional approaches. The Authors present their experience resulting from longterm spinal infusion with peridural(More)
Several reported cases point out significant alterations in the psychologic profile of obese subjects and the utility of a psychotherapeutic support to the dietetic or pharmacological therapy. Each patient underwent a psychodiagnostic interview and the following rating-scales were applied: QPF (Psychophysiological Test); STAI X-1 and X-2 (State and Trait(More)
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