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Morphological, thermal, and structural aspects of dried and redispersed nanofibrillated cellulose (NFC)
Abstract The effects of various drying techniques, such as air, oven, freeze, and spray drying, on the morphological, thermal, and structural behaviors of two different nanofibrillated celluloseExpand
Effect of Drying Pretreatment on the Acetylation of Nanofibrillated Cellulose
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different morphologies of solvent-exchanged (NFCSE), spray-dried (NFCSD), and freeze-dried (NFCFD) nano-fibrillated cellulose on the susceptibilityExpand
Acoustic Emission Detection of Macro-Cracks on Engraving Tool Steel Inserts during the Injection Molding Cycle Using PZT Sensors
An improved monitoring system for the failure detection of engraving tool steel inserts during the injection molding cycle uses acoustic emission PZT sensors mounted through acoustic waveguides on the engraing insert and revealed that such a system could be used successfully as an improved tool for monitoring the integrity of an injection Molding process. Expand
Comparison of two micromechanical models for predicting elasto-plastic response of wood–plastic composites
Abstract The mechanical response of wood- and cellulose-filled polymers and its comparison to analytical models is studied in this article. To model the elasto-plastic response of the wood–plasticExpand
Influence of molding conditions on the shrinkage and warpage behavior of standardized test specimens
Standardized test specimens were produced under different molding conditions using a low-cost polypropylene material filled with calcium carbonate that is used in large quantities in automotiveExpand
Thermal properties of dried nanofibrillated cellulose
Uvod Celuloza je najbolj razširjen biopolimer na planetu. Sestavljena je iz nerazvejanih polimernih verig, kjer so med seboj povezane D-glukopiranozilne enote preko β (1 → 4) vezi. V lesu in drugihExpand
A model for predicting the mechanical properties of wood-plastic composites : a micro-mechanical approach
V zadnjem desetletju prejšnjega stoletja se je pričel razvoj novih kompozitov, sestavljenih iz naravnih vlaken in cenejših polimerov, kakor sta npr. HDPE in PP. Zaradi relativno kratkega časaExpand
Mechanical and Processing Characterisation of Effective Behaviour of Wood-Plastic Composites by Analytical and Numerical Simulation
The development of a new composite that is compounded of natural fibres and of a low price polymer, such as HDPE or PP, began in the last decade of the past century. While this is a rather newExpand
Use of acoustic emission testing in injection moulding process
This paper presents the experimental results regarding acoustic emission signals measured during the injection moulding of those standard test specimens commonly used for examining the shrinkageExpand