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The isolated habitat of the Červené Blato bog (South Bohemia, Czech Republic) and its relict insect fauna have been the subject of long-term monitoring. The species composition and abundance of Lepidoptera (light traps) and Coleoptera (pitfall traps) were monitored for 4 years (1994–1997) simultaneously on two sites – in the edaphic climax pine forest and(More)
Spatial distribution of ground beetles and moths in the isolated Central European Mrtvý luh bog was analyzed. The most stenotopic tyrphobiontic species (relicts restricted to the peat bog) of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) and moths (Lepidoptera) are distributed according to a distinct ecological gradient between the bog margin (lagg) and the bog(More)
A review of Polyphylla Harris, 1841, species belonging to the subgenus Granida Motschulsky, 1861, from continental Asia is presented. One new species is described from Thailand: Polyphylla (Granida) simonisp. n.Polyphylla (Granida) nikodymi de Wailly, 1993, is recorded from Thailand for the first time. Polyphylla (Granida) minor Nomura, 1977, is recorded(More)
We present a Matlab package for visualizing global data on a 3D sphere, whose rotation can be animated. Planetary elevation data sets such as geoid height or Earth topography can easily be represented through a slightly exaggerated, coloured 3D relief, and then saved either as images or animations. All necessary parameters for the 3D visualization and(More)
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