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We present a Matlab package for visualizing global data on a 3D sphere, whose rotation can be animated. Planetary elevation data sets such as geoid height or Earth topography can easily be represented through a slightly exaggerated, coloured 3D relief, and then saved either as images or animations. All necessary parameters for the 3D visualization and(More)
A review of Polyphylla Harris, 1841, species belonging to the subgenus Granida Motschulsky, 1861, from continental Asia is presented. One new species is described from Thailand: Polyphylla (Granida) simonisp. n.Polyphylla (Granida) nikodymi de Wailly, 1993, is recorded from Thailand for the first time. Polyphylla (Granida) minor Nomura, 1977, is recorded(More)
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