Alena Stasenko

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Injection implantation of polyacrylamide gel "Interfall" in soft tissues was conducted in 110 patients in 1992-1997 yrs. In 17 patients the mammary glands prosthesis was conducted using biogel. Biogel did not influence the cell subpopulations of the immunity T- and B-systems, the immunoglobulins level and did not cause the organism sensibilization.
The experience with combined treatment of 122 patients with pancreatic cancer in the clinic of the Institute of Clinical & Experimental Surgery for the period of from 1988 to 1990 is summarized. Radical operations were performed in 54 patients, the palliative ones--in 68. After performance of a palliative operation, the patients underwent polychemotherapy,(More)
Motor theories of perception posit that motor information is necessary for successful recognition of actions. Perhaps the most well known of this class of proposals is the motor theory of speech perception, which argues that speech recognition is fundamentally a process of identifying the articulatory gestures (i.e. motor representations) that were used to(More)
Color is important in our daily interactions with objects, and plays a role in both low- and high-level visual processing. Previous neuropsychological studies have shown that color perception and object-color knowledge can doubly dissociate, and that both can dissociate from processing of object form. We present a case study of an individual who displayed(More)
The feasibility of 1,3-butanediol biosynthesis through the inverted cycle of fatty acid β-oxidation in Escherichia coli cells was investigated by the rational metabolic engineering approach. CoA-dependent aldehyde dehydrogenase MhpF and alcohol dehydrogenases FucO and YqhD were used as terminal enzymes catalyzing conversion of 3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA to(More)
The debate about the causal role of the motor system in speech perception has been reignited by demonstrations that motor processes are engaged during the processing of speech sounds. Here, we evaluate which aspects of auditory speech processing are affected, and which are not, in a stroke patient with dysfunction of the speech motor system. We found that(More)
The existence of autonomous system of the biliary ducts local immunity was established. The contents of the antibodies and C3-component complement in intraductal bile in patients with purulent cholangitis (PC) is normalizing during an early postoperative period. In a common biliary duct bile while PC a polymorphonuclear neutrophils are regularly revealed,(More)
Study of the functional activity of blood and biliary neutrophils in patients with purulent cholangitis revealed different patterns of blood neutrophil reaction in the NBT test. The share of type 1 cells (with diffuse staining of the cytoplasm) in spontaneous and stimulated NBT test is a constant value in the studied patient population. The count of active(More)