Alena Kravchenko

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The methods of the quality control of medical biological preparations, including tests on animals, do not ensure the complete absence of toxicity in a final product. The use of the method of "subcultures with the introduced preparation" makes it possible to determine the toxicity of both specific and nonspecific components of vaccines and sera from the(More)
Different batches of the same preparation manufactured at the same enterprise, or at different enterprises, in accordance with the same manufacturing regulations have been found to be capable of producing a damaging effect of different intensity on the continuous cell culture L132. The titers vary, according to their cytotoxic effect, from 1 : 32 to 1(More)
The Target of Rapamycin (TOR) kinase regulates essential processes in plant growth and development by modulation of metabolism and translation in response to environmental signals. In this study, we show that abscisic acid (ABA) metabolism is also regulated by the TOR kinase. Indeed ABA hormone level strongly decreases in Lst8-1 and Raptor3g mutant lines as(More)
Besides specific antigens medical immunobiological agents (MIBA) contain chemical compounds (formaldehyde, aluminium hydroxide and mercury salt, merthiolate) in permissible concentrations. Therefore, the investigation of MIBA and their components should involve methods studying the effect of chemical compounds on cells and their structural components. For(More)
The effect of a number of nonspecific stimulators of immunogenesis (complete-Freund's adjuvant, complete adjuvant prepared from Soviet made components, arlacel with vaseline oil, aluminium hydroxide) on the immune process has been studied. The highest titers of virus-neutralizing antibodies have been obtained with the use of complete Freund's adjuvant land(More)
Various forms of interaction between diphtheria exotoxin and the continuous L and HeLa cell lines were revealed, depending on its doses: toxic, subtoxic and small (following the subtoxic dose). Cells of the same origin, treated with these doses, develop similar changes in some of their properties, differing only in their "survival" time, the period of(More)
Administration to guinea pigs of 1/Dlm of diphtheria exotoxin twice at an interval of 1 and 24 hours, or once in a dose of 25/100 Dlm caused changes in the activity of the redox enzymes. The character of their changes in the animals to which the whole dose of the exotoxin was administered once or repeatedly was directly reverse: in the first case the(More)