Alena Kozáková

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The paper presents an original frequency domain approach to decentralized controller design for specified performance The novelty of the proposed approach consists in assessing the influence of interactions by means of characteristic functions/loci of the plant interaction matrix, and further using them to modify mathematical models of subsystems thus(More)
Jǐŕı Anděl, Sergej Čelikovský, Marie Demlová, Jan Flusser, Petr Hájek, Vladimı́r Havlena, Didier Henrion, Yiguang Hong, Zdeněk Hurák, Martin Janžura, Jan Ježek, George Klir, Ivan Kramosil, Tomáš Kroupa, Petr Lachout, Friedrich Liese, Jean-Jacques Loiseau, Frantǐsek Matúš, Radko Mesiar, Karol Mikula, Jǐŕı Outrata, Jan Seidler, Karel Sladký Jan Štecha, Olga(More)
The paper provides survey of some recent robust stability conditions, their mutual comparison, and presents new robust stability conditions for continuousand discrete-time systems with convex polytopic uncertainty. Robust stability analysis is based on LMI conditions and parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions. The developed stability conditions are(More)
The paper deals with the design of a discrete-time state space compensator to track a reference command. This approach called Command Generator Tracker (CGT) covers a broad class of reference signals that can be described by a linear differential equation with constant coefficients. The design technique is LQ-based and its principle consists in extending(More)
The paper deals with the frequency domain design of a robust PID controller for unstable SISO systems. The approach applied is based on performance specification in terms of phase and gain margins; to guarantee the desired performance a modification of the Neimark D-partition is used. In the case study a PID controller has been designed for the laboratory(More)