Alena Kozáková

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The paper provides survey of some recent robust stability conditions, their mutual comparison, and presents new robust stability conditions for continuous-and discrete-time systems with convex polytopic uncertainty. Robust stability analysis is based on LMI conditions and parameter-dependent Lyapunov functions. The developed stability conditions are(More)
Kybernetika is a bimonthly international journal dedicated for rapid publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed research articles in fields covered by its title. An original Nyquist-based frequency domain robust decentralized controller (DC) design technique for robust stability and guaranteed nominal performance is proposed, applicable for continuous-time(More)
The paper presents an original frequency domain approach to decentralized controller design for specified performance The novelty of the proposed approach consists in assessing the influence of interactions by means of characteristic functions/loci of the plant interaction matrix, and further using them to modify mathematical models of subsystems thus(More)
The proposed new method is applicable for control of linear stable single-input-single-output non-minimum phase systems even with unknown mathematical model and unstructured uncertainties. The control objective is to provide required nominal maximum overshoot and settling time of the controlled variable y(t). The proposed new controller design approach(More)
Technologies are necessary part of everyday life, which are growing with extremely high speed. One component of this big group are automated systems that we focus on. The purpose of using this kind of systems is different but in general it is process optimization of and time and costs savings. One part of progress is modeling the systems by several(More)