Alena Drašnarová

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It has been suggested that a heterogeneous environment enhances species richness and allows for the coexistence of species. However, there is increasing evidence that environmental heterogeneity can have no effect or even a negative effect on plant species richness and plant coexistence at a local scale. We examined whether plant species richness increases(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Recently, new palaeoecological records supported by molecular analyses and palaeodistributional modelling have provided more comprehensive insights into plant behaviour during the last Quaternary cycle. We reviewed the migration history of species of subgenus Alnus during the last 50,000 years in Europe with a focus on (1) a general revision(More)
We investigated 39 previously developed Betula, Alnus, and Corylus simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for their utility in the cross-generic amplification of two European alder species, i.e., Alnus glutinosa and A. incana. Of these markers, ten loci had successful amplification within Alnus species. Finally, we designed two multiplexes composed of eight(More)
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