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Influenza-A-virus-specific, HLA-restricted, cytotoxic T-cell immunity, measured in 189 volunteers in the six years 1977-82, showed a sharp decline from 1978. It is shown that natural infection with influenza-A virus boosts cytotoxic T-cell memory. The decline in T-cell immunity is probably associated with the low prevalence of influenza-A-virus infection(More)
The increased number of medical negligence claims against obstetricians and gynaecologists has led to concerns about a trend towards defensive medical practice in the UK. The attitudes of obstetricians in the British Isles to tests of fetal and maternal wellbeing, which may influence decisions about patient care, were investigated in 3194 Fellows and(More)
We have attempted to confirm the finding of cytomegalovirus (CMV) nucleic acid sequences in pancreas sections from patients with type 2 diabetes in a large population since this finding has major implications for the pathogenesis of the disorder. A highly sensitive nested polymerase chain reaction method was developed to detect the immediate-early CMV gene(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed current meal planning/cooking behaviors and dietary intake of individuals with severe mental illnesses and determined differences after a 6-week nutrition education cooking class. METHOD Eighteen individuals with severe mental illnesses participated in a 6-week nutrition education cooking class and completed pre- and posttest(More)
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