Alena Böhmová

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The availability of annotated data (with as rich and " deep " annotation as possible) is desirable in any new developments. Textual data are being used for so-called training phase of various empirical methods solving various problems in the field of computational linguistics. While there are many methods that use texts in their plain (or raw) form (in most(More)
This paper describes a specific part of the Prague Dependency Treebank annotation, the step from the surface dependency structure towards the underlying representation of the sentence. The first section explains the theoretical basis of the project. In Section 2 all the procedure of conversion to the tectogrammatical structure is summarized and Section 3(More)
The syntactic tagging of the Prague Dependency Treebank (PDT) is divide into two steps, the rst resulting in analytic tree structures (ATS) and the second in tectogrammatical tree structures (TGTS). The present paper describes the transition procedures, automatic and manual, from ATS to TGTS and illustrates these procedures on two Czech s e n tences.(More)
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