Aleksey Yu Labetsky

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A novel configuration of a deuterium z pinch has been used to generate fusion neutrons. Injecting an outer hollow cylindrical plasma shell around an inner deuterium gas puff, neutron yields from DD reactions reached Y(n)=(2.9 ± 0.3) × 10(12) at 700 ns implosion time and 2.7 MA current. Such a neutron yield means a tenfold increase in comparison with(More)
Dense plasma foci and deuterium gas puff Z-pinches are studied as sources of fusion neutrons. To design a neutron-optimized plasma focus, the drive parameter I<sub>0</sub>/(a(&#x03C1;<sub>0</sub>)<sup>1/2</sup>) has been discussed in the last 15 years. Here, I<sub>0</sub>, a, and &#x03C1;<sub>0</sub> represent the peak discharge current, the inner electrode(More)
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