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The Swath Imaging Multi-polarization Photon-counting Lidar (SIMPL) is an airborne prototype in development to demonstrate laser altimetry measurement methods and components that enable efficient, high-resolution, swath mapping of topography and surface properties from space. The instrument was developed through the NASA Earth Science Technology Office(More)
The ICESat-2 mission will continue NASA's spaceflight laser altimeter measurements of ice sheets, sea ice and vegetation using a new measurement approach: micropulse, single photon ranging at 532 nm. Differential penetration of green laser energy into snow, ice and water could introduce errors in sea ice freeboard determination used for estimation of ice(More)
The influence of mineral nutrition on the formation of potato yield under conditions of the Southern Urals has been studied depending on variety and density of planting. The quantitative assessment is given in the influence of agronomical practices on indicators of potato productivity. It is demonstrated that the cropping power of potato in the(More)
The preservation of the nuclear polarization of hydrogen atoms during the recombination to molecules was observed on different surface materials in the temperature range from 45 to 100 K and for magnetic fields up to 1 T. On a gold and a fused quartz surface, the expected molecular polarization of about 50% or lower of the atomic polarization was measured,(More)
In 2015 July 29 – September 1 the satellite XMM-Newton pointed at the BL Lac object PG 1553+133 six times, collecting data for 218 hours. During one of these epochs, simultaneous observations by the Swift satellite were requested to compare the results of the X-ray and optical–UV instruments. Optical, near-infrared and radio monitoring was carried out by(More)
An initially unpolarized beam of deuterons is found to acquire tensor polarization after traversing a foil of spin-zero target nuclei. The effect, called nuclear spin dichroism, has been predicted theoretically, albeit resulting in small values of p(zz) of the order of 0.01 for energies around 10 MeV. The experiment was carried out at the Köln tandem(More)
Isotopic purification of the protium and deuterium is an important requirement of many physics experiments. A cryogenic facility for high-efficiency separation of hydrogen isotopes with a cryogenic distillation column as the main element is described. The instrument is portable, so that it can be used at the experimental site. It was designed and built at(More)