Aleksey Shutov

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The authors discuss the problems of the age-associated range of multiple sclerosis, characteristics of its clinical manifestations and course in childhood. Provide two cases of multiple sclerosis that had set in 11-year- and 14-year-old children. The first case was marked by a polysymptomatic debut with retrobulbar neuritis of the optical nerves,(More)
Regio- and stereospecificity of microbial hydroxylation was studied at the transformation of 3-keto-4-ene steroids of androstane and pregnane series by the filamentous fungus of Curvularia lunata VKM F-644. The products of the transformations were isolated by column chromatography and identified using HPLC, massspectrometry (MS) and proton nuclear magnetic(More)
A vasomotor endothelial function has been studied in 57 patients with ischemic stroke using ultrasound by the reaction of the brachial artery to reactive hyperemia. The duplex scanning of brachyocephalic arteries was conducted. Twenty-four patients had impaired endothelial-dependent vasodilatation. Endothelial dysfunction was associated with cholesterol(More)
Lincomycin was found to inhibit tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) virus. To test antiviral potential of this drug, a clinical trial was initiated entering TBE patients from known focuses of the disease (Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Perm and Irkutsk Provinces). The drug was given to 23 patients with meningeal and meningoencephalitic TBE. A control group of 22 matched(More)
Twenty-eight males with psychogenic (emotiogenic) autonomic dystonia with paroxysmal course (panic attacks) have been studied. Serum serotonin (S) concentration has been measured using ELISA. The deficit (147,36+/-69,80 ng/ml) of humoral S has been found compared to a control group (295,18+/-152,38 ng/ml). After the 8-weeks treatment with a SSRIs(More)
A study included 68 patients with parkinsonism: 43 of them were treated with proflusak (fluoxetin), which efficacy was assessed in the frames of randomized placebo-controlled study. The levels of motor disability, anxiety, depression and serum serotonin (S) concentration were measured. The prevalence of rigidity and hypokinesia caused the increase of the(More)
Modern informative techniques were employed to explore the coagulation, fibrinolytic and aggregation platelet systems of hemostasis in 117 patients in the most acute , acute, early, late restorative and residual periods of ischemic brain stroke. Disorders of the hemostatic system in the form of hyperaggregation, hypercoagulation, depression of fibrinolysis,(More)
Recognizing the challenges that a contemporary university faces, an inter-faculty group of researchers performed the analysis of organizational and management approach in one of Russia’s universities and modeled existing business processes. The university is a multi-campus organization and to manage it efficiently it is necessary to make transition from the(More)
Selected filamentous fungi--98 strains of 31 genera--were screened for the ability to catalyze 11beta-hydroxylation of 6alpha-fluoro-16alpha-methyl-deoxycorticosterone 21-acetate (FM-DCA). It was established that representatives of the genera Gongronella, Scopulariopsis, Epicoccum, and Curvularia have the ability to activate 11beta-hydroxylase steroids. The(More)