Aleksey Lipchin

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We extend the application of block-floating point arrays to multi-operand algebraic expressions consisting of additions and multiplications. The proposed method enables automatic runtime calculation of binary shifts of array elements. The shifts are computed for all elementary operations in an expression using a dataflow graph. The method attempts to(More)
Modeling turbulent convection in the melt is the most di cult part of the simulation of the transport processes in the growth of large-diameter silicon crystals by the Czochralski (CZ) process. We report the application of hybrid nite-element/ nitevolume methods for the integrated modeling of turbulence in the melt and heat transfer by conduction,(More)
We propose a novel object detection approach that combines the discriminative power of object category classifiers with a simple pixel level focus of attention mechanism. The pixel-level foreground/background detectors evolve to classify each pixel as either being part of an object of interest or noise. Unlike background subtraction algorithms, the decision(More)
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