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The comparative study of the addiction to beer and hard liquor was carried out. Despite of the dramatic increase in the beer consumption in the Russian Federation between 1999 and 2009, the incidence and prevalence of alcohol dependence and alcohol psychoses had decreased. The analysis of preference in alcohol consumption revealed that 90.7% of study(More)
Typical clinical features of nasal and paranasal sinus chondromas are discussed having in view 12 history cases. The authors give support to the concept that benign chondroma may transform to malignant neoplasm. Tumor relapses may occur if surgical intervention fails due to morphological abnormalities of the tumor. The tumor consists of lobules that may(More)
Objective. To study the efficacy and use of baclofen (Baclosan) for stabilizing remission in patients with alcoholism. Materials and methods. A total of 32 patients with alcoholism were randomized to two groups. Patients of group 1 (16 patients) received baclofen (50 mg/day) for three months; patients of group 2 received a placebo of identical appearance.(More)