Aleksey I. Gerasyuto

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An enantioselective and diastereoselective aza-[3+3] annulation of pyrrolidine-based exo-cyclic vinylogous amides and urethanes with chiral vinyl iminium salts is described. This asymmetric annulation manifold is possible because of an unexpected regiochemical reversal whereby head-to-tail annulations dominated over the predicted head-to-head. It should(More)
Evidence is described here to support that a highly stereoselective 6pi-electron electrocyclic ring closure of 1-azatrienes is a key step in formal [3 + 3] cycloaddition or annulation reactions of chiral vinylogous amides with alpha,beta-unsaturated iminium salts. This would represent the first highly stereoselective 6pi-electron electrocyclic ring closure(More)
A detailed account on the stereoselective total syntheses of azaphenalene alkaloids via an intramolecular aza-[3+3] annulation strategy is described here. All five members of the Coccinellidae family of defensive alkaloids were prepared from the same common intermediate, which was derived from a stereoselective aza-[3+3] annulation reaction.
A successful enone version of an intramolecular aza-[3 + 3] annulation reaction is described here. Use of piperidinium trifluoroacetate salt as the catalyst and toluene as the solvent appears to be critical for a successful annulation. We also demonstrated for the first time that microwave irradiation can accelerate aza-[3 + 3] annulation reactions. An(More)
Total syntheses of indoloquinolizidine alkaloid (+/-)-, R-(+)-, and S-(-)-deplancheine are described here. The synthesis features an enantioselective intramolecular formal aza-[3 + 3] cycloaddition for the construction of the quinolizidine CD-ring. This application serves to introduce a new synthetic strategy for the synthesis of indoloquinolizidine(More)
The first success in constructing a member of quinolizidine family of alkaloids employing an intramolecular aza-[3 + 3] annulation strategy is described here. The key feature is the usage of vinylogous urethane tethered to a vinyl iminium intermediate with trifluoroacetate serving as the counter anion. The proof-of-concept is illustrated with the synthesis(More)
A detailed account on chiral secondary amine salt promoted enantioselective intramolecular formal aza-[3 + 3] cycloadditions is described here for the first time. The dependence of enantioselectivity on the structural feature of these chiral amines is thoroughly investigated. This study also reveals a very interesting reversal of the stereochemistry in the(More)
The continued emergence of bacteria resistant to current standard of care antibiotics presents a rapidly growing threat to public health. New chemical entities (NCEs) to treat these serious infections are desperately needed. Herein we report the discovery, synthesis, SAR and in vivo efficacy of a novel series of 4-hydroxy-2-pyridones exhibiting activity(More)
A detailed account regarding a formal [3 + 3] cycloaddition method using 4-hydroxy-2-pyrones and 1,3-diketones is described here. This formal cycloaddition reaction or annulation reaction is synthetically useful for constructing 2H-pyranyl heterocycles. The usage of alpha,beta-unsaturated iminium salts is significant in controlling competing reaction(More)