Aleksey Alekseev

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In this paper we consider a method for extraction of sets of semantically similar language expressions representing different participants of the text story – thematic nodes. The method is based on the structural organization of news clusters and exploits comparison of various contexts of words. The word contexts are used as a basis for multiword expression(More)
The objective of the study was to determine reasons of poultry deaths in Crimea Republic in December 2005 as well as isolation, identification, and comparative analysis of pathogens, which caused epizootics in Siberia and Crimea. During epizootic in poultry in North-East Crimea highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1 was isolated. Phylogenetic analysis(More)
Based on a study of the analytic running coupling obtained from the standard perturbation theory results up to four-loop order, the QCD “synthetic” running coupling αsyn is built. In so doing the perturbative time-like discontinuity is preserved and nonperturbative contributions not only remove the nonphysical singularities of the perturbation theory in the(More)
Work is devoted to studying of circulation of avian flu influenza A (H5N1) virus at poultry in territory of Novosibirsk region in preepizootic period. 1901 sample from clinically healthy poultry is collected and investigated. On chicken embryos it has been isolated 28 virions, including from poultry of the industrial maintenance--16, from the poultry(More)
Presence of antibodies to morbilliviruses, Toxoplasma, and Brucella species in eared seals in North-West of Pacific Ocean was studied. Sera from 189 cubs of eared seals from different rookeries and regions. It has been shown that 10-22% of cubs living on Russian coast have antibodies to such dangerous diseases as morbillivirus infection, brucellosis, and(More)
AIM Study of molecular-biological and antigenic features of H5N1 subtype virus strains isolated in southern Siberia in 2005-2009. MATERIALS AND METHODS Study was performed by using standard procedures according to WHO recommendations. RESULTS Hemagglutinin gene of H5N1 subtype virus strain isolated in Siberia belongs to 2 genetical lineages: 2.2 and(More)
The equation for the gluon propagator in the approach of Baker-BallZachariasen is considered. The possibility of non-integer power infrared behaviour is studied, D(q) ∼ (q), q → 0. It is shown that the characteristic equation for the exponent has no solutions at −1 ≤ c ≤ 3. The approximations made to obtain the closed integral equation are analysed and the(More)