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The kinetics of desensitization induced by different agonists of acetylcholine (ACh) as well as the kinetics of recovery from densensitization, have been studied using the voltage-clamp technique in isolated, identified Lymnaea stagnalis neurones. Desensitization follows the sum of two exponentials: one fast and one slow. The time constant of the fast(More)
The influence of cyclooxygenase inhibitors on functional stability of hippocampal slices, determined by electrophysiological criteria of recovery after slicing and long-term maintainence of population activity, was studied. Transient (3 min) treatment of slices during slicing with indomethacin (45 microM) or aspirin (0.5 mM) allowed registration of the(More)
The utilization time of mammalian brain slices prepared by traditional methods is known to be restricted to 24 h, despite a number of modifications to the medium and preincubation procedures [4]. Previous studies have demonstrated that brain slices from Yakut ground squirrels maintain their structural and functional integrity for at least five days in(More)
A peculiarity of amino acid profile of the cold-resistant freshwater shrimp Gammarus lacustris in the beginning of autumn is a high level of ornithine, the second after alanine (17.0 ± 1.4 and 22.6 ± 1.4 μmol/ml of homogenate, respectively). The amount of alanine and ornithine accounts for 39.8% of the total pool of free amino acids and together with lysine(More)
Hippocampal slices treated with cyclooxygenase inhibitor indomethacin for three min during the sectioning (45 min) or aspirin (0.5 min) in long term (up to 5 days) preservation in periodic nocturnal hypothermia were studied morphofunctionally using light microscopy and electrophysiological registration of induced population responses of area CAI to(More)
The paper provides a rationale and indications for diascleral removal of foreign bodies from the anterior chamber of the eyeball, by intraoperatively using ultrasound study. The clinical material presents 148 cases of diascleral removal of foreign (49 magnetic and 49 amagnetic) bodes impacted into the tunics of the anterior eye without evident opacities of(More)
We have studied muscimol-induced 36Cl− conductivity in synaptoneurosomes prepared from the frontal and somatosensory cortex of rats with three types of epileptic activity: tonic-clonic pentylenetetrazole kindling in Wistar rats, nonconvulsive absence pentylenetetrazole kindling in Wistar rats, and a genetic model of epilepsy in WAG/Rij rats. We used two(More)
Muscimol-stimulated Cl- conductance in brain cortex synaptoneurosomes from Wistar rats decreased 15 min after single intraperitoneal injection of pentylenetetrazole in a subconvulsive dose. These changes reflected a decrease in functional activity of the GABAA-receptor/Cl- ionophore complex. Muscimol-stimulated Cl- conductance in synaptoneurosomes returned(More)