Aleksei Romanenko

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The article considers the possibility of the use of current infrastructure of specialized population registers of Ukraine to study leukemia and other systemic blood diseases revealed in Chernobyl accident liquidators. Advantage and limitation of such registers in the use are discussed in the article. Ukrainian state register of people who suffered from(More)
Inverter-induced high-frequency bearing currents are a common root cause of bearing failures in frequency converter-fed motors and generators. Bearing faults are typically identified by vibration measurements. In our work, we experimentally submit bearings to electric discharge machining (EDM) bearing currents, use different means to measure the electrical(More)
Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) are becoming very popular in high speed electrical machines applications in the last decade. As the interest in them grows the necessity to optimise all the aspects of their operation arises. This paper presents the analytical way of calculating losses of active magnetic bearings based on reluctance network method. The method(More)
This work presents the compact radial-axial 3D PCB capacitive position sensor. The FEM model, numerical analysis and prototype verification are presented. The capacitances of circuit are estimated using 3D model and are verified based on spectral analysis. The open and closed-loop measurements prove feasibility in applications related to rotating machinery.