Aleksas Stuikys

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A field modelling approach is presented exploiting approximate magnetic flux distributions. The method is an extension of flux-tubes and tubes-and-slices techniques. A combination of an equivalent magnetic circuit approach with improved description of relevant flux paths allows for a computationally efficient algorithm suitable for design optimization. The(More)
A new computationally efficient paradigm for the design and analysis of switched reluctance machines is proposed. At the heart of the rapid analysis and design methodology is the reduced-order computational method based on a flux-tube model, which has been refined and extended. It is demonstrated how the improved model enables consistent and accurate(More)
A reduced order numerical computational method based on flux tube modelling is proposed for the rapid electromagnetic analysis and design of electromechanical energy transducers using an example of a synchronous reluctance machine. The flux tube method is applied to establish flux linkage functions facilitating fast and accurate inductance estimation. The(More)
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