Aleksandrija Aleksandrova

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We studied the effect of lauric acid on transdermal penetration of phenazepam in vivo. It was found that treatment with lauric acid 3-fold increased the maximum anticonvulsive effect of phenazepam applied in a transdermal therapeutic system in comparison with the control. Study of the pharmacokinetics of phenazepam transdermal therapeutic system showed its(More)
It is not known which morphological properties of fibroblasts induced by malignant transformation modulate their migration pattern. We studied the changes in the distribution and dynamics of the leading edge of 10(3) mouse fibroblasts after their transformation by oncogene N-RAS(asp13) and analyzed the changes in the pattern of cell migration.(More)
While a significant body of investigations have been focused on the process of protein self-assembly, much less is understood about the reverse process of a filament breaking due to thermal motion into smaller fragments, or depolymerization of subunits from the filament ends. Indirect evidence for actin and amyloid filament fragmentation has been reported,(More)
Polymerization of microfilaments and their subsequent rearrangements under control of actin-myosin interactions are two main processes underlined morphogenetic reactions of cells. We studied their role during spreading of normal and transformed REF52tetRas fibroblasts with adjustable ras oncogene expression. Treatment with inhibitors of cell contractility(More)
Video analysis provides an educational, motivating, and cost-effective alternative to traditional course-related activities in physics education. Our paper presents results from video analysis of experiments " Collision of balls " and " Motion of a ball rolled on inclined plane " as examples to illustrate the laws of conservation of impulse and mechanical(More)
The kinetics of labeled 3-hydroxyphenazepam (active phenazepam metabolite) after its intravenous and transdermal administration was studied. Biphasic kinetic of drug distribution in the organism was revealed; pharmacokinetic parameters and biological availability (1.32 0.12 for the plasma and 1.21 0.10 for the brain) were determined on the basis of total(More)
Myofibroblasts from rat lung were cultivated. These cells in addition to beta- and gamma-cytoplasmic actins, expressed alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-SMA) and formed a system of "supermature" focal contacts, which were connected with thick stress-fibers expressing alpha-SMA and myosin II. Reduction of actin-myison contractility by inhibitors BDM and ML-7(More)
Sixty-two and 58 patients with hypo- and hypermotor biliary tract dysfunction (BTD), respectively, as well as 59 patients with chronic acalculous cholecystitis (CAC) and 63 with opisthorchiasis-complicated CAC were examined. A control group comprised 33 patients of the same sex and age. All the patients underwent fractional duodenal intubation, followed by(More)