Aleksandre Asatiani

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This teaching case considers Kluuvin Apteekki, a small pharmacy business whose CEO faces critical decisions whether or not (1) to outsource its accounting processes and (2) to start using cloud-based accounting information systems. The main learning outcome of the case is related to the development of the skills and competencies in creating a strong(More)
of master's thesis Year of approval 2013 Number of pages 114 Language English Cloud based information systems are considered to benefit the organizations through their superior information capabilities compared to traditional information systems. Strong adoption of the cloud computing in the recent years has also affected the view on outsourcing of(More)
Using original experimental method (partial, different extent emptying of stomach from contents in various parts of time after satiety condition--denying the food intake) the mechanosensoric, homeostatic function of the stomach was revealed while performing the chronic experiments on adult male dogs, while on puppies the ageing peculiarities of its(More)
We have investigated the modulation of satiety in chronic experiments by stretching (different intensity and duration) stomach and duodenum with elastic intragastric balloon, filled with warm water on polifistuled (esophagus, gaster, duodenum) dogs. Estimation of periodical gastric motor activity was done by multiple determination of glucose concentration(More)
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