Aleksandras Vytautas Rutkauskas

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The present article is an attempt to perceive the universal sustainability observable in an individual country or region, where the religious, political, social-demographic, economic, environmental, creative, technological and investment subsystems are revealed not only through the vitality of spiritual and material existence media, but rather through the(More)
The paper presents the rudiment of universally sustainable development project for a small country that lacks exceptionally valuable or unique natural resources. This is a result of rather long experience of the author while studying the perspectives of small country development under conditions of intense globalization and conflict because of world(More)
The itinerant electron metamagnetism (IEM) is an essential physical concept, describing magnetic properties of rare earth - transition metal (R-TM) intermetallics, demonstrating technologically important giant magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric effects. It considers an appearance of TM magnetization induced by spontaneous magnetization of surrounding R(More)
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