Aleksandra Yu Khudyakova

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The reduced content of photoreceptors, such as phytochromes, can decrease the efficiency of photosynthesis and activity of the photosystem II (PSII). For the confirmation of this hypothesis, the effect of deficiency in both phytochromes (Phy) A and B (double mutant, DM) in 7–27-day-old Arabidopsis thaliana plants on the photosynthetic activity was studied(More)
The photosynthetic responses of 25-day-old Arabidopsis phyA phyB double mutant (DM) compared with the wild type (WT) to UV-B radiation (1Wm-2, 30min) were investigated. UV-B irradiation led to reduction of photosystem 2 (PS-2) activity and the photosynthetic rate. In plants grown under both white and red light (λm - 660nm) the reduction was greater in DM(More)
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