Aleksandra Tesmar

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The crystal structure of new 1,10-phenathrolin-1-ium aqua-(nitrilotriacetato-N,O,O',O")-oxidovanadium(IV) semihydrate of molecular formula (phenH)[VO(NTA)(H2O)]∙1/2H2O was determined. This is the(More)
The influence of the oxydiacetate (ODA) and thiodiacetate (TDA) ligands on the physicochemical and biological properties of the oxidovanadium(IV) ternary complexes of the VO(L)(B) type, where L(More)
The influence of the different side chain residues on the thermodynamic and kinetic parameters for complexation reactions of the Co2+ and Ni2+ ions has been investigated by using the isothermal(More)
The aim of this work was to find a relationship between physicochemical properties of the oxovanadium(IV) complexes, namely [VO(ODA)(H2O)2], [VO(ODA)(phen)]·1.5H2O and [VO(ODA)(bipy)]·2H2O (ODA =(More)
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