Aleksandra Tesanovic

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With the increase of complexity in automotive control systems, the amount of data that needs to be managed is also increasing. Using a real-time database management system (RTDBMS) as a tightly integrated part of the software development process can give significant benefits with respect to data management. However, the variability of data management(More)
Current techniques used to design and implement database systems do not provide support for efficient implementation of crosscutting concerns in the database software, e.g., failure detection, database policies such as concurrency control and scheduling, and synchronization. Aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) is a new technique that provides an(More)
In the last years the deployment of embedded real-time systems has increased dramatically. At the same time, the amount of data that needs to be managed by embedded real-time systems is increasing, thus requiring an efficient and structured data management. Hence, database functionality is needed to provide support for storage and manipulation of data in(More)
In this paper we present a concurrency control algorithm that allows co-existence of soft real-time, relational database transactions, and hard real-time database pointer transactions in real-time database management systems. The algorithm uses traditional pessimistic concurrencycontrol (i.e. locking) for soft transactions and versioning for hard(More)
Increasing complexity in development of real-time systems accompanied by the demand for enabling their configurability requires the integration of aspect-oriented software development with real-time system development. Since software technology for building real-time systems has to support predictability in the time domain, methods and tools for analyzing(More)
The COMET DBMS (component-based embedded real-time database management system) is an experimental database platform. COMET is intended for resourceconstrained embedded vehicle control-systems. The complexity of modern vehicle control systems is rapidly increasing [1], and so is also the amount of data that needs to be handled and maintained. Thus, a need(More)
Current quality of service (QoS) management approaches in real-time systems lack support for configurability and reusability as they cannot be configured for a target application or reused across many applications. In this paper we present the concept of a QoS aspect package that enables developing configurable QoS management for real-time systems. A QoS(More)
Increasing complexity of real-time systems, and demands for enabling their configurability and reusability are strong motivations for applying new software engineering principles, such as aspect-oriented and component-based development. In this paper we introduce a novel concept of aspectual component-based real-time system development. The concept is based(More)
In this paper we present a case study of a class of embedded hard real-time control applications in the vehicular industry that, in addition to meeting transaction and task deadlines, emphasize data validity requirements. We elaborate on how a database could be integrated into the studied application and how the database management system (DBMS) could be(More)