Aleksandra Smiljanic

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The Internet traffic is growing, and its nature changes because of new applications. Multimedia applications require bandwidth reservations that were not needed initially when the file transfers dominated the Internet. P2P applications are making traffic patterns impossible to predict, and the traffic loads generated at nodes need to be routed regardless of(More)
Congestion control in ring based packet networks is challenging due to the fact that every node in the network runs both a rate adaptation algorithm, analogous to an endpoint algorithm in other network architectures, and a rate allocation algorithm, analogous to switch-based algorithms in other network architectures. This work describes a congestion control(More)
In this paper we introduce the novel routing scheme based on load balancing and shortest-path routing. First, we present the linear program for routing optimization. The nonblocking network is considered, which only limits the traffic loads of the network nodes. Guaranteed node traffic loads pass through the network regardless of the actual traffic(More)
The size of a single-hop cross-bar fabric is still limited by the technology, and the fabrics available on the market do not exceed the terabit capacity. A multihop fabric such as Clos network provides the higher capacity by using the smaller switching elements (SE). When the traffic load is balanced over the switches in a middle stage, all the traffic(More)