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Phytochelatins, heavy-metal-binding polypeptides, are synthesized by phytochelatin synthase (PCS) (EC Previous studies on plants overexpressing PCS genes yielded contrasting phenotypes, ranging from enhanced cadmium tolerance and accumulation to cadmium hypersensitivity. This paper compares the effects of overexpression of AtPCS1 and CePCS in(More)
The content of fatty acids extracted from the membranes of E. coli MC 1061 harboring the wild-type dnaKdnaJ alleles and its delta dnaJ and delta dnaKdnaJ derivatives was compared. It was demonstrated that dodecanoic acid was missing in NPLs fraction extracted from both mutants grown at 42 degrees C. Phospholipids extracted from mutant strains were deprived(More)
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