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In the shades of the uncanny valley: An experimental study of human-chatbot interaction
We present a study of human–chatbot interaction, focusing on the affective responses of users to different types of interfaces with which they interact. Expand
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Muse Headband: Measuring Tool or a Collaborative Gadget?
We have conducted an observational study on persons participating passively in public lectures. Expand
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The Necessity of New Paradigms in Measuring Human-Chatbot Interaction
We provide an overview of methods used so far in researching human-bot interaction using electromyography as well as other psychophysiological data. Expand
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From Wide Cognition to Mechanisms: A Silent Revolution
In this paper, we argue that several recent ‘wide’ perspectives on cognition (embodied, embedded, extended, enactive, and distributed) are only partially relevant to the study of cognition. WhileExpand
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The Process of Exchange from Phenomenological Perspective
Currency This short essay will be an attempt to analyze the exchange of money and commodities in terms of framework offered by phenomenology. Marx’s Capital is an utterly phenomenological work in theExpand
Addiction and Distraction
This chapter addresses the issues of lack of work efficiency due to various online distractions and addiction. The problem of addiction is discussed both in the context of the current social mediaExpand
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Anecdotal evidence: understanding organizational reality through organizational humorous tales
Abstract In the paper, we propose a new focus in qualitative organization studies, which we call organizational anecdotal evidence. The novelty of our method is in linking storytelling, studies ofExpand
Fenomenologia istot wirtualnych
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Wearable Technology: Summary
The last chapter is an extended summary that presents results of a study related to the current usages of wearable technologies as well as final conclusions and outline of possible future trends. Expand