Aleksandra Multan

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AIM The aim of this study was to investigate the character of changes in cardiac structure and function among elite judoists due to long-term judo practice. METHODS A group of male (N = 20, average age: 22.1) and female (N = 15, average age: 19.4) athletes practising judo for about 10 years was subjected to echocardiographic tests carried out during rest(More)
Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most frequent neuropathy of the upper extremity, that mainly occurs in manual workers and individuals, whose wrist is overloaded by performing repetitive precise tasks. In the past it was common among of typists, seamstresses and mechanics, but nowadays it is often caused by long hours of computer keyboard use. The patient(More)
The term erythema induratum refers to nodules usually located on the flexion surface of the lower legs, characterized by chronic and recurrent course--usually in women. The lesions are directly related to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection which may be confirmed by tuberculin skin test, Quantiferon test or PCR. Diagnosis of erythema induratum is a direct(More)
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