Aleksandra Mojsilovic

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We propose a perceptually based system for pattern retrieval and matching. The central idea is that similarity judgment has to be modeled along perceptual dimensions. Hence, we detect basic visual categories that people use in their judgment of similarity, and design a computational model that accepts patterns as input and, depending on the query, produces(More)
Color descriptors are among the most important features used in image analysis and retrieval. Due to its compact representation and low complexity, direct histogram comparison is a commonly used technique for measuring the color similarity. However, it has many serious drawbacks, including a high degree of dependency on color codebook design, sensitivity to(More)
We propose a new approach for image segmentation that is based on low-level features for color and texture. It is aimed at segmentation of natural scenes, in which the color and texture of each segment does not typically exhibit uniform statistical characteristics. The proposed approach combines knowledge of human perception with an understanding of signal(More)
Abstract image semantics resists all forms of modeling, very much like any kind of intelligence does. However, in order to develop more satisfying image navigation systems, we need tools to construct a semantic bridge between the user and the database. In this paper we present an image indexing scheme and a query language, which allow the user to introduce(More)
Although most of the theoretical and implementation aspects of wavelet based algorithms in texture characterization are well studied and understood, many issues related to the choice of filter bank in texture processing remain unresolved. The impact of the wavelet basis has been mentioned in a few papers, whereas other more detailed investigations have(More)
Consider a typical recommendation problem. A company has historical records of products sold to a large customer base. These records may be compactly represented as a sparse customer-times-product ``who-bought-what" binary matrix. Given this matrix, the goal is to build a model that provides recommendations for which products should be sold next to the(More)
This paper describes a new approach for texture characterization, based on nonseparable wavelet decomposition, and its application for the discrimination of visually similar diffuse diseases of liver. The proposed feature-extraction algorithm applies nonseparable quincunx wavelet transform and uses energies of the transformed regions to characterize(More)
The extraction of high-level color descriptors is an increasingly important problem, as these descriptions often provide links to image content. When combined with image segmentation, color naming can be used to select objects by color, describe the appearance of the image, and generate semantic annotations. This paper presents a computational model for(More)
Color quantization is sampling of three-dimensional (3-D) color spaces (such as RGB or Lab) which results in a discrete subset of colors known as a color codebook or palette. It is extensively used for display, transfer, and storage of natural images in Internet-based applications, computer graphics, and animation. We propose a sampling scheme which(More)