Aleksandra Mitrovic

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One of the key behavioral effects of attractiveness is increased visual attention to attractive people. This effect is often explained in terms of evolutionary adaptations, such as attractiveness being an indicator of good health. Other factors could influence this effect. In the present study, we explored the modulating role of sexual orientation on the(More)
Description: Fungi have an integral role to play in the development of the biotechnology and biomedical sectors. The fields of chemical engineering, Agri–food, Biochemical, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and medical device development all employ fungal products, with fungal biomolecules currently used in a wide range of applications, ranging from drug(More)
We showed that the looking time spent on faces is a valid covariate of beauty by testing the relation between facial attractiveness and gaze behavior. We presented natural scenes which always pictured two people, encompassing a wide range of facial attractiveness. Employing measurements of eye movements in a free viewing paradigm, we found a linear relation(More)
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