Aleksandra Melnikova

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The dimethylsulphate method has been used to study the complexes of RNA polymerase (Escherichia coli) with DNA of T7 phage, poly[d(A--T)] and fragments of calf thymus DNA protected against DNase digestion by RNA polymerase. The binding of RNA polymerase to DNA significantly increases the formation of 1-methyl-adenine produced by methylation of the(More)
The interaction of the antibiotics distamycin A, distamycin analogue and netropsin with chromatin of calf thymus has been studied by circular dichroism measurements and by gel filtration. The minor groove of DNA in chromatin is accessible by 83-89% to the binding of these antibiotics as compared with that of free DNA. The present results combined with our(More)
The arrangement of histones along DNA in nucleosomal core particles within transcribed heat shock gene (hsp 70) region and repressed insertion within ribosomal genes of Drosophila was analysed by using protein-DNA crosslinking methods combined with hybridization tests. In addition, two-dimensional gel electrophoresis was employed to compare the overall(More)
Neurodegenerative diseases are associated with accumulation of amyloid-type protein misfolding products. Prion protein (PrP) is known for its ability to aggregate into soluble oligomers that in turn associate into amyloid fibrils. Preventing the formation of these infective and neurotoxic entities represents a viable strategy to control prion diseases.(More)
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