Aleksandra Medvedeva

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  • 2008
In this paper the receiver for the demodulation of M-FSK signals in the presence of Gaussian noise, intersymbol interference, impulse interference and fading is considered. The probability density function of M-ary FSK signal in the presence of noise, interference and fading is derived. These interferences can seriously degrade the communication system(More)
Thrombolytic therapy with high doses of streptokinase (SK), which are required due to its rapid clearance from the bloodstream, is accompanied by side effects. In this work, the SK was incorporated into water-soluble polyethylene glycol (PEG) microcapsules with the double emulsification method in order to increase its lifetime in bloodstream and decrease(More)
  • Bojan DIMITRIJEVIC, Bojana NIKOLIC, Slavoljub ALEKSIC, Nebojsa RAICEVIC, Nis, A. Medvedeva
  • 2015
Source and excitation modeling in FDTD formulation has a significant impact on the method performance and the required simulation time. Since the abrupt source introduction yields intensive numerical variations in whole computational domain, a generally accepted solution is to slowly introduce the source, using appropriate shaping functions in time. The(More)
 Abstract — In this paper we present a method for symbolic analysis of unreliable logic circuits in the presence of correlated and data-dependent gate failures, described by Markov chains. Furthermore, using this method we investigate the influence of data-dependent failures on the performance of majority logic and multiple input XOR gates. I. INTRODUCTION(More)
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