Aleksandra M. Vinogradov

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today Abstract Vacuum gravitational fields invariant for a non Abelian Lie algebra generated by two Killing fields whose commutator is light-like are analyzed. It is shown that they represent nonlinear gravitational waves obeying to two nonlinear superposition laws. The energy and the polarization of this family of waves are explicitely evaluated. In the(More)
We discuss several aspects of singularities of the solutions of the partial differential equations of Klein–Gordon, Schrödinger and Dirac. In particular we analyze the fold type singularity, of the first and higher orders, and the related characteristic equations. We also consider the field equations as reduction of homogenous equations in higher(More)
17 Bacteriochlorophyll a derivatives are characterized by an intense absorption band in the near infrared region of the spectrum (∼800 nm). This key characterr istic ensures the depth of light penetration into tissues [1]; therefore, bacteriochlorophyll a derivatives are of interest as photosensitizers for antitumor and antimii crobial photodynamic therapy(More)
Optimization of the chemical structure of antitumor photosensitizers (PSs) is aimed at increasing their affinity to a transport protein, albumin and irreversible light-induced tumor cell damage. Bacteriopurpurinimide derivatives are promising PSs thanks to their ability to absorb light in the near infrared spectral region. Using spectrophotometry, we show(More)
The paper describes an experimental study concerning the mechanical properties of bacterial biofilms formed from the early dental plaque colonizer Streptoccocus mutans and pond water biofilms. Experiments reported in this paper demonstrate that both types of biofilms exhibit mechanical behavior similar to that of rheological fluids. The time-dependent(More)
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