Aleksandra Kremer

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A new dip-and-read test strip for systematic detection of oligoalbuminuria was assessed. The test is based on a competition for gold-labelled anti-albumin antibodies between specimen albumin and albumin molecules immobilised in the test strip. The final detection area is coloured by excess free antibodies. The colour reaction is compared to a colour scale(More)
Biochemical and haematological profiles of workers exposed to vanadium were compared with those of non-exposed age matched subjects. A significantly positive and dose related correlation between serum vanadium and zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP) was observed. Normal lead concentrations excluded this heavy metal as a possible cause. Inhibition of the reduction of(More)
Nigrosin binds to proteins yielding a dark blue complex. This reaction is used for detecting low protein concentrations in urine by applying spots of urine to cellulose acetate strips which are coloured by nigrosin. The intensity of coloured spots remaining after washing of the strips indicates protein concentration. With a cut-off at 50 mg protein/l, the(More)
Chapter Eight Fig. 8-1: A partial spaces/places-and-characters correlation pattern extracted from Lady Chatterley's Lover. Fig. 8-2: A partial spaces/places-and-characters correlation pattern extracted from narrator, narrative Sons and Lovers. Chapter Eight Table 8-1: Semantic fields of under-surface spaces in Sons and Lovers, and Lady Chatterley's Lover by(More)
Economic assessment of iron deficiency. Replacement of serum iron and ferritin by other parameters. Serum iron and ferritin are still widely used parameters for the assessment of iron deficiency, in spite of their poor diagnostic performance. Compared to the combined use of ferritin, zinc protoporphyrin and soluble transferrin receptors an increase of the(More)
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