Aleksandra Gabryszak

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We present sar-graphs, a knowledge resource that links semantic relations from factual knowledge graphs to the linguistic patterns with which a language can express instances of these relations. Sar-graphs expand upon existing lexicosemantic resources by modeling syntactic and semantic information at the level of relations, and are hence useful for tasks(More)
Human language allows us to express the same meaning in various ways. Recognizing that the meaning of one text can be inferred from the meaning of another can be of help in many natural language processing applications. One such application is the categorization of emails. In this paper, we describe the analysis of a real-world dataset of manually(More)
Recent research shows the importance of linking linguistic knowledge resources for the creation of large-scale linguistic data. We describe our approach for combining two English resources, FrameNet and sar-graphs, and illustrate the benefits of the linked data in a relation extraction setting. While FrameNet consists of schematic representations of(More)
Web debates play an important role in enabling broad participation of constituencies in social, political and economic decision-taking. However, it is challenging to organize, structure, and navigate a vast number of diverse argumentations and comments collected from many participants over a long time period. In this paper we demonstrate Common Round, a(More)
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