Aleksandra Drozd

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We present the universal one-loop effective action for all operators of dimension up to six obtained by integrating out massive, non-degenerate multiplets. Our general expression may be applied to loops of heavy fermions or bosons, and has been checked against partial results available in the literature. The broad applicability of this approach simplifies(More)
Gesture recognition may find applications in rehabilitation systems, sign language translation or smart environments. The aim of nowadays science is to improve the recognition systems' efficiency but also to allow the user to perform the gesture in a natural way. The article presents different methods (DTW - Dynamic Time Warping, DDTW - Derivative Dynamic(More)
The proliferation of strategic subsurface sanctuaries has increased the need for enhanced remote sensing techniques providing for the accurate detection and identification of deeply buried objects. A new RF tomographic technique is proposed in this concept paper for developing RF CAT scans of buried objects using spectral, spatial/angular, and polarization(More)
The nematic (N) to smectic A (SmA) phase transitions in binary mixtures of the 6th (D6AOB) and 7th (D7AOB) members of alkylazoxybenzene series have been studied using high-precision calorimetry at 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 and 100 wt% of D7AOB concentrations. The temperature range of the nematic phase on six binary mixtures was wide, and it was dependent on the(More)
This paper presents the design and simulation results of the ultrafast LVDS I/O interface designed in 40 nm CMOS process. The LVDS transmitters and receivers were designed to support a data transfer of a multichannel Integrated Circuit dedicated for readout of hybrid pixel semiconductor detectors used for X-ray imaging applications. The transmitter is based(More)
This article describes the advantages of using the Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for significant acceleration of Monte Carlo simulations leading to the fast verification of new ideas. An example of a real and challenging problem in the design of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for 2D X-ray imaging applications, namely the charge(More)
The forest in the province of Misiones, northeastern of Argentina, is a portion of Paraná Forest (or Atlantic Forest) located also in the south of Brasil and Paraguay. At the beginning of the last century the native forest had an extension of more than 100.000.000 ha. Actually, Brasil preserves only the 5% and Paraguay the 10% very spoiled and fragmented.(More)
For many years hybrid pixel detectors working in the single photon counting mode have been used not only in high energy physics experiments but also for X-ray imaging applications. In these detectors each pixel has its independent electronic readout channel for photon by photon signal processing, what provides better image quality and possibility of(More)
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