Aleksandra Bogojeska

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Food - drug interactions are well studied, however much less is known about cuisine - drug interactions. Non-native cuisines are becoming increasingly more popular as they are available in (almost) all regions in the world. Here we address the problem of how known negative food - drug interactions are spread in different cuisines. We show that different(More)
We study synchronization and consensus phenomena in state-dependent graphs in which the edges are weighted according to the Hebbian learning rule or its modified version. By exploring the master stability function of the synchronous state, we show that the modified Hebbian function as coupling strength enlarges the stability region of the synchronous state.(More)
Complex networks have recently become the focus of research in many fields. Their structure reveals crucial information for the nodes, how they connect and share information. In our work we analyze protein interaction networks as complex networks for their functional modular structure and later use that information in the functional annotation of proteins(More)
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