Aleksandra Bialas

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It is shown that the method of eliminating the statistical fluctuations from event-by-event analysis proposed recently by Fu and Liu can be rewritten in a compact form involving the generalized factorial moments. 1. The factorial moments of the multiplicity distribution Fk ≡< n(n− 1)...(n− k + 1) > (1) where < ... > denotes an average over events, proved to(More)
We propose a generalization of the Bjorken in-out Ansatz for fluid trajectories which, when applied to the (1+1) hydrodynamic equations, generates a one-parameter family of analytic solutions interpolating between the boost-invariant Bjorken picture and the non boostinvariant one by Landau. This parameter characterises the propertime scale when the fluid(More)
888 I. 888 II. 889 III. 889 IV. 889 V. 891 VI. 891 VII. 891 VIII. 892 IX. 892 X. 893 XI. 893 893 References 893 SUMMARY: Elicitins are structurally conserved extracellular proteins in Phytophthora and Pythium oomycete pathogen species. They were first described in the late 1980s as abundant proteins in Phytophthora culture filtrates that have the capacity(More)
391 antigens rather than one, there may be opportunities to identify antigen pairs that are uniquely expressed on tumor cells. Dual-target recognition by CARs has been described9,10 before the work of Roybal et al.1. But these previous studies used two attenuated, constitutively active CARs. This means that expression of the CARs is not controlled, and(More)
The possibility to study intermittency in a single event of high multiplicity is investigated in the framework of the α−model. It is found that, for cascade long enough, the dispersion of intermittency exponents obtained from individual events is fairly small. This fact opens the possibility to study the distribution of the intermittency parameters(More)
In the framework of the dipole picture of the BFKL pomeron we discuss a few possibilities of calculating the total γγ cross section of the virtual photons. We argue that the existing successful fits of the dipole picture formulae to the measured structure functions F2(Q , x) favor one of the possible extensions of the dipole picture of the BFKL pomeron(More)