Aleksandr Timoshenko

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This paper presents a method of calculating the minimal required transmission period for control messages and power margin for MANET with constrained resources, namely for communication and control systems on-planet robotic systems. For a system with ten robotic devices, with velocities of 10 cm/s, the sufficient power margin for worst case scenario will be(More)
This paper presents an analog-controlled feedback for predistortion of switched mode GaN power amplifier with PAPR reduction technique. The nonlinearity control scenarios and algorithms are described. After the statistic simulation for different feedback delay the frequency dependent feedback loop was analyzed for implementing the model which enables to(More)
This article describes the outdoor mapping method of robot group using omnidirectional radio link communication. The issues of designing the radar system based on wearable radio communication devices with adding new functionality without changing the hardware are discussed. The method for providing the energetically concealed location of network objects(More)
The article presents the results of the design of GaN phase shifter for MIMO-based antennas. The optimization and simulation for each operating frequency 0.1–31.5 GHz was performed along with simulation of effect of capacitance mismatch on phase shifter parameters. The phase shifter is designed as a switchable high-pass filter that provides a(More)