Aleksandr N Kanev

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Therapeutic HIV vaccines represent promising strategy as an adjunct or alternative to current antiretroviral treatment options for HIV. Unlike prophylactic AIDS vaccines designed to prevent HIV infection, therapeutic vaccines are given to already infected individuals to help fight the disease by modulating their immune response. The first immunotherapeutic(More)
Five lots of peroxidase conjugates were studied in enzyme immunoassay systems "Recombinant-HIV" and "Peptoscreen-2" for detection of antibody to HIV. The conjugates differed from each other by the source of generation and methods of preparation. The conjugates were studied in biochemical tests and ELISA. When panels of sera from HIV-infected children and(More)
Fundamentals of designing reference panels of sera for effective control of commercial test systems and immunoblotting, intended for detecting antiviral antibodies, have been developed. Reference low-titer panels of anti-IgG antibodies to HIV-a and hepatitis C virus have been designed. A reference panel contains diluted reactive sera with a standard level(More)
Approximately 2% and 5% of the world human population is estimated to be infected with HCV and HBV, respectively. Reference panels of HCV and HBV serum samples with defined genotypes and serotypes is necessary for monitoring of the specificity and sensitivity of diagnostic test kits. The aim of this study was to determine genotypes/serotypes of HBV and HCV(More)
The main approaches are defined to the production of sera with the required concentration of antibodies to HIV by the dilution method and to formation on their basis of serum panels according to theoretical distribution of optic density (OD) values. It was shown to be principally possible to prepare panels of positive sera with low concentration of(More)
In the past 5 years, the investigators of the "VECTOR" SRB VB and the L.A. Tarasevich State Institute of Standardization and Control of Medical Biological Preparations have jointly designed sera reference panels containing anti-HIV-1 IgG, anti-HCV IgG, and anti-HAV IgM which have been approved as national standard panels. The panels are intended for use in(More)
A panel of anti-HCV sera (lot 03HC) was prepared from human sera obtained at blood transfusion centers and infectious hospitals. Donor sera and high-titer sera from patients infected with HCV were used. For positive samples, specific sera reactive with the core and/or NS proteins of HCV 1b and 2 were selected. Positive sera were standardized by the(More)
The authors define the scientific basis for development of panels of reference sera intended for effective control of the quality of enzyme immunoassay of HIV antibody screening. Special attention was paid to developing the technology of preparing standards highly stable serum samples with a preset concentration of anti-HIV antibodies. The resultant panel(More)
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) was employed to study certain enzyme immunoassay steps for the detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). Physical adsorption of monoclonal antibodies (mAb), blocking of surface active sites free of antibodies by neutral proteins, and capture of HBsAg particles by sensitized surfaces were visualized successively in(More)