Aleksandr Ishkin

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There is resurgence within drug and biomarker development communities for the use of primary tumorgraft models as improved predictors of patient tumor response to novel therapeutic strategies. Despite perceived advantages over cell line derived xenograft models, there is limited data comparing the genotype and phenotype of tumorgrafts to the donor patient(More)
The comparative bioinformatic analysis of psoriasis and Crohn disease pathological processes was carried out using the results of microarray experiments deposited in GEO DataSets database. Several common for both pathologies genes and molecular-genetical processes were found. It is suggested that some transcriptional factors including AP-1 system of(More)
A comparative bioinformatics analysis of the molecular genetic processes in the pathogenesis of multifactorial diseases—psoriasis and Crohn’s disease—was performed using the results of microarray experiments deposited with the GEO DataSets database. A number of genes and molecular genetic processes common to both pathologies were found. The involvement of(More)
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