Aleksandr A. Fedotov

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Mathematical modeling for composition distal arterial pulse wave in the blood vessels of the upper limbs was considered. Formation of distal arterial pulse wave is represented as a composition of forward and reflected pulse waves propagating along the arterial vessels. The formal analogy between pulse waves propagation along the human arterial system and(More)
The main goal of this work is to study the alterations occurred in human cardiovascular system under artificially simulated microgravity by using special short-arm centrifuge. We have used arterial blood pressure, ankle-brachial pressure index and accelerated photoplethysmography approach to determine the effects of artificially simulated microgravity on(More)
The aim of this study is to create highly effective QRS-detector of electrocardiographic (ECG) signal based on the multiresolution wavelet analysis, set of nonlinear transforms and adaptive thresholding. The efficiency of various QRS-waves detectors for processing model ECG signals contaminated by artificially simulated intensive noise and artifacts was(More)
Various methods for detecting the fiducial points of the pulse wave signals are discussed. A new simple detector of the fiducial points based on the application of the first derivative operator, set of nonlinear transformations and adaptive threshold is described. The efficiency of various detectors of the beat points of pulse wave signal in the presence of(More)
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