Aleksander Lodwich

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In this paper, we evaluate different Early Stopping Rules (ESR) and their combinations for stopping the training of Multi Layer Perceptrons (MLP) using the stochastic gradient descent, also known as online error backpropagation, before reaching a predefined maximum number of epochs. We focused our evaluation to classification tasks, as most of the works use(More)
Benchmarking pattern recognition, machine learning and data mining methods commonly relies on real-world data sets. However, there are some disadvantages in using real-world data. On one hand collecting real-world data can become difficult or impossible for various reasons, on the other hand real-world variables are hard to control, even in the problem(More)
Model-Based Engineering (MBE) aims at increasing the e↵ectiveness of engineering by using models as key artifacts in the development process. While empirical studies on the use and the e↵ects of MBE in industry generally exist, there is only little work targeting the embedded systems domain. We contribute to the body of knowledge with a study on the use and(More)
The development of critical systems is becoming more and more complex. The overall tendency is that development costs raise. In order to cut cost of development, companies are forced to build systems from proven components and larger new systems from smaller older ones. Respective reuse activities involve good number of people, tools and processes along(More)
Optimization of product performance repetitively introduces the need to make products adaptive in a more general sense. This more general idea is often captured under the term “self-configuration”. Despite the importance of such capability, research work on this feature appears isolated by technical domains. It is not easy to tell quickly whether the(More)
The k Nearest Neighbors (kNN) method has received much attention in the past decades, where some theoretical bounds on its performance were identified and where practical optimizations were proposed for making it work fairly well in high dimensional spaces and on large datasets. From countless experiments of the past it became widely accepted that the value(More)
The raise of complexity of technical systems also raises knowledge required to set them up and to maintain them. The cost to evolve such systems can be prohibitive. In the field of Autonomic Computing, technical systems should therefore have various self-healing capabilities allowing system owners to provide only partial, potentially inconsistent updates of(More)
In order to improve the Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) statistical efficacy increase for certain parameter vectors was investigated. Such vectors are used in real cases. Although immediate tests on humans are not possible it was possible to find rats as adequate substitute models. The rats were stimulated with a protocol of 81 parameter vectors. Their(More)
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