Aleksander A. Agarkov

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A comparative study of the activity of caspase-1 and caspase-3, the glutathione antioxidant system and NADPH-generating enzymes (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase) and a study of DNA fragmentation in the blood serum of patients with chronic alcoholic hepatitis during basic treatment and combination therapy including melaxen(More)
We studied the effects of epifamin and melaxen on serum content of reduced glutathione and activities of glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, and NADPH-generating enzymes (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and NADP-isocitrate dehydrogenase) in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus. The concentration of reduced glutathione was decreased in rats with(More)
The actions of melatonin on the activity of the glutathione antioxidant system and various NADPH-generating enzymes in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus were studied. The development of this pathology was found to be accompanied by increases in the activities of glutathione reductase (E.C., glutathione peroxidase (E.C., and(More)
The influence of melaxen and valdoxan on the biochemiluminescence parameters, aconitate hydratase activity and citrate level in rats heart and liver during development of experimental hyperthyroidism has been investigated. Administration of these substances promoted a decrease of biochemiluminescence parameters, which had been increased in tissues of rats(More)
Homogeneous preparations of liver glutathione reductase (GR, EC, obtained from control rats and animals with toxic hepatitis, catalytic properties of this enzyme have been investigated. A number of the enzyme properties did not change under conditions of hepatitis. These included electrophoretic mobility (R(f) = 0.23 +/- 0.01), molecular mass (104(More)
We studied the effect of mitochondria-targeted antioxidant 10-(6'-plastoquinonyl)decyltriphenylphosphonium (SkQ1) on the antioxidant activity of the glutathione system and NADPH-generating enzymes in liver and blood serum of rats with hyperglycemia induced by protamine sulfate. It was found that intraperitoneal injection of SkQ1 prevented both decrease in(More)
The effect of melatoninergic drugs [melaxen and agomelatine (Valdoxan)] on the activity of glutathione antioxidant system enzymes and NADPH suppliers was investigated for experimental hyperthyroidism in rats. The administration of these protectors at the pathology was accompanied by a change of the specific activity of glutathione reductase (EC,(More)
The influence of the melatonin-correcting drugs melaxen and Valdoxan on the gene-transcription level of superoxide dismutase (SOD, EC and catalase (EC in liver and heart of rats with hyperthyroidism has been investigated. Administration of these drugs to rats with model pathology leads to changes in SOD and catalase expression in their(More)
The hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties of a synthetic biguanide N-[imino(4-morpholyl) methyl]guanidine (IMMG) were prognosticated by the method of computer prediction. Administration of IMMG was accompanied by a decrease in serum transaminase activity in rats with toxic hepatitis, which reflects inhibition of hepatocyte cytolysis. IMMG treatment(More)
DNA fragmentation, caspase-1 and caspase-3, aconitate hydratase (AH) activities, and citrate content have been investigated in the blood of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated by steatohepatitis. These indicators of apoptotic processes intensity and oxidative stress development were estimated after basic treatment and a combined therapy(More)