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In this paper we consider the so called a cone metric type space, which is a generalization of a cone metric space. We prove some common fixed point theorems for four mappings in those spaces. Obtained results extend and generalize well-known comparable results in the literature. All results are proved in the settings of a solid cone, without the assumption(More)
We give a short account on the methods for numerical inversion of the Laplace transform and also propose a new method. Our method is inspired and motivated from a problem of the evaluation of the Müntz polynomials (see [1]), as well as the construction of the generalized Gaussian quadrature rules for the Müntz systems (see [2]). As an illustration of our(More)
The purpose of this article is to generalize common fixed point theorems under contractive condition of Ćirić's type on a cone metric type space. We give basic facts about cone metric type spaces, and we prove common fixed point theorems under contractive condition of Ćirić's type on a cone metric type space without assumption of normality for cone. As(More)
The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy for visualization and quantification of binary diffusion within anisotropic porous material is described here for the first time. The dynamics of adsorption profiles of dianionic fluorescein, zwitterionic rhodamine B, and their mixture in the cationic native orthorhombic lysozyme crystal were subsequently(More)
The diffusion of a solute, fluorescein, into lysozyme protein crystals with different pore structures was investigated. To determine the diffusion coefficients, three-dimensional solute concentration fields acquired by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) during diffusion into the crystals were compared with the output of a time-dependent 3-D diffusion(More)
The structural characteristics of the HyperCel family of cellulosic ion-exchange materials (Pall Corporation) were assessed using methods to gauge the pore dimensions and the effect of ionic strength on intraparticle architecture. Inverse size exclusion chromatography (ISEC) was applied to the S and STAR AX HyperCel derivatives. The theoretical analysis(More)
A generalized N-point Birkhoff – Young quadrature of interpolatory type , with the Cheby-shev weight , for numerical integration of analytic functions is considered. The nodes of such a quadrature are characterized by an orthogonality relation. Some special cases of this quadrature formula are derived. For numerical integration over a line segment in the(More)