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—We introduce a method for generating a sequence of semi-random interleavers, intended to be optimally stored and employed in a turbo coding system that requires flexibility of the input block (i.e., interleaver) size. A distinctive feature of this method is seen in the very simple rules for obtaining shorter/longer inter-leavers by pruning/adding positions(More)
Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is an error reporting and diagnostic utility and it is considered as a part of Internet Protocol (IP) suite. Although this protocol is very important for ensuring correct data distribution, it can be exploited by malicious users for conducting different Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Due to the broadcast nature of(More)
A DS-CDMA system with integrated ECC (Error Control Coding) technique is presented in this paper. The eccoder is a serial concatenation of a turbo code and a Walsh orthogonal code. An iterative algorithm for MAP decoding is implemented in the receiver. Decoding and despreading are unified through a joint iterative process in terms of exchanging soft(More)
One of the biggest concerns for security professionals today are Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) flooding attacks. They are nothing but explicit attempts to disrupt the legitimate users' access to services. One of the more popular DDoS attack is the SYN Flood attack. The SYN flooding attacks are launched by exploiting the TCP's three-way(More)
In recent times, wireless network is extensively accessed technology to connect remote user terminal with its primary network. QoS is the vital parameter that can be treated wisely when data is transferred between terminal users and network administrators. In WiMax, QoS is determined accurately at MAC layer but bandwidth allocation scheduling algorithm(More)