Aleksandar P Ivanov

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We report on the fabrication and characterization of a DNA nanopore detector with integrated tunneling electrodes. Functional tunneling devices were identified by tunneling spectroscopy in different solvents and then used in proof-of-principle experiments demonstrating, for the first time, concurrent tunneling detection and ionic current detection of DNA(More)
Nanopipettes are an attractive single-molecule tool for identification and characterisation of nucleic acids and proteins in solutions. They enable label-free analysis and reveal individual molecular properties, which are generally masked by ensemble averaging. Having control over the pore dimensions is vital to ensure that the dimensions of the molecules(More)
Single-molecule techniques are being developed with the exciting prospect of revolutionizing the healthcare industry by generating vast amounts of genetic and proteomic data. One exceptionally promising route is in the use of nanopore sensors. However, a well-known complexity is that detection and capture is predominantly diffusion limited. This problem is(More)
A large outbreak of poliomyelitis, with 463 laboratory-confirmed and 47 polio-compatible cases, took place in 2010 in Tajikistan. Phylogenetic analysis of the viral VP1 gene suggested a single importation of wild poliovirus type 1 from India in late 2009, its further circulation in Tajikistan and expansion into neighbouring countries, namely Kazakhstan,(More)
The fabrication of polymer-nanoparticle composites is extremely important in the development of many functional materials. Identifying the precise composition of these materials is essential, especially in the design of surface catalysts, where the surface concentration of the active component determines the activity of the material. Antimicrobial materials(More)
The paper deals with characteristics of ionic alpha-latrotoxin-induced permeability of rat brain synaptosomes. It has been shown that the addition of alpha-latrotoxin to synaptosomes in the Ca2+-containing media resulted in an extensive and rapid uptake of 45Ca2+ in synaptosomes. alpha -Latrotoxin was not able to enhance the 22Na+ and 86Rb+ uptake or efflux(More)
Two cases of aseptic meningitis with simultaneous presence of antibodies to lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) and mumps viruses were observed. In the 1st patient antibodies to both viruses appeared in sera and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). The 2nd patient displayed rising serum antibodies to both viruses and CSF antibodies to mumps virus. Immunological(More)