Aleksandar Obradovic

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Open Mobile Alliance Device Management (OMA DM) specification is well established and is being widely used to manage mobile devices. However, the current OMA DM protocol (v1.2 and v1.3) is not suitable for constrained M2M devices operating in constrained networks. Therefore, new standards for M2M technology are being developed in order to sustain the(More)
Enormous progress in understanding the role of four populations of benzodiazepine-sensitive GABAA receptors was paralleled by the puzzling findings suggesting that substantial separation of behavioral effects may be accomplished by apparently non-selective modulators. We report on SH-I-048A, a newly synthesized chiral positive modulator of GABAA receptors(More)
In this paper, a stability test procedure is proposed for perturbed nonlinear nonhomogeneous fractional order systems with a pure time delay. Sufficient conditions of this kind of stability are derived for particular class of fractional time-delay systems using generalized Gronwall inequality. A numerical example is given to illustrate the validity of the(More)
This paper suggests a new optimal control of robotic system based on a biologically inspired control principle-synergy, which allows resolving actuator redundancy. The redundancy control problem has been discussed in the framework of optimal control problem which is solved by Pontryagin's maximum principle. Joint actuator synergy approach is suggested which(More)
Numerous basic and epidemiological studies have connected prenatal maternal immune activation with the occurrence of schizophrenia and/or autism. Depending on subtle differences in protocols of the used animal model, a variety of behavioral abnormalities has been reported. This study investigated behavioral differences in Wistar rat offspring of both(More)
The major aim of this paper is to promote a biologically inspired control synergy approach that allows the resolution of redundancy of a given robotized system which can be used for military purposes. It is shown that it is possible to resolve kinematic redundancy using the local optimization method and biological analogues – control synergy approach,(More)
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